Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 1937 - 2005


The bastards won.

Memorial Haiku:

suicide?  bullshit.
it was that dastardly fiend,
g. gordon liddy

great gonzo is dead
whatever he was, he was
he didn't do it

politicians feet
to the fire held, squeeked no praise;
flamer dies famous

people of power,
he feared not, but age, its stare,
made him blink, and shoot

after many a
summer falls the gadfly, "whew",
say office holders

If guns are outlawed,
Who will piss on Bush's shoes ?
the going gets weird,

Lawyers, guns, money
Circus Circus Polar Bear
Bang, the story ends

Outlived Nixon
Bastards getting worse
Must go now

Too weird for pro
Alcohol, Drugs, Insanity
Can't save me

three things you don't joke
about with Hunter Thompson:
guns, lawyers, money.

Hunter S. Thompson
died not of substance abuse
but by his own hand.

It looks terminal-
we'd better call the doctor;
The sweating has *stopped*.

No limit he said
No limit for well lubed mind
Can work around it

Not a good neighbor
He shot out all the stop signs
Read all about it

Not Sheriff of Boulder
Never did get elected
Votes counted at last

Day job go away
Seek freedom on the cusp of
Jagged drunk weekends

Hunter is down deep
Or way up with wings and harp
Hope  booze exists there

The haves and have nots
Hemmingway did it oh yea
Did Hunter oh no

For all the ages
From the past to the future
Hunter's pen quiet now

Through the 60's and 70's
He roamed like a lightning bolt
Sticker shock of the mind

Johnny Depp played 'em
Crazed Wildman on wheels with fire
Now he is higher higher

The sword  mightier
Than the establishment walls
All will tumble down

Hunter is now gone
Wrote like a damn machine gun
Thompson Thompson yea